About Our Organization

The New Mexico Council of Outfitters and Guides is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. The Council was founded in 1978 by a group of outfitters concerned about the growing threats to their industry from various special interest groups. NMCOG is 100% funded by membership dues and individual donations.

NMCOG serves as an advocate for the outfitting industry by working with state and federal governments and government agencies to protect and promote the professional hunting/fishing industry as well as non-resident sportsman opportunity in the state of NM. Your support helps to fund our advocacy work in the following areas:

Respected Representation in State and Federal Government
Outfitter, Guide, and Associate/Sportsman members benefit from having continuous, effective, and respected representation in the New Mexico Legislature as well as in the United States Congress. NMCOG employs experienced and honest lobbyists with a high level of integrity to maintain the industries fair and balanced reputation among Legislators.

NMCOG is also a proud member of Professional Outfitters and Guides of America (POGA). NMCOG benefits from strong national representation through POGA's seat as a member of the Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council as well as through their participation as an American Wildlife Conservation Partner.

Representation on Boards and Commissions
In addition to Legislative representation, NMCOG also works closely with other similarly interested groups. These relationships help NMCOG keep our member base informed about changes and movements in our industry and other similar industries. Members stay informed through quarterly newsletters, “call to action” emails during the legislative session, and our annual magazine New Mexico Outdoors.

Marketing Assistance to NMCOG Members
NMCOG Outfitter Members also receive marketing assistance through their membership with NMCOG. Using the searchable database on our website, visitors can locate NMCOG outfitters who are positioned to offer the exact services they desire. FIND YOUR OUTFITTER NOW! 

Public Relations and Outreach
NMCOG continues to expand and improve our public relations campaigns including efforts to establish hunting as a recognized recreational activity with the NM Dept. of Tourism.