Outfitter Resources

An outfitter is defined as any person who offers him/herself for hire and accepts compensation for providing equipment and/or services for hunting/fishing activities. In NM, the Dept. of Game and Fish regulate registered hunting outfitters (fishing outfitters are not regulated). An Outfitter must meet very specific qualifications as set forth in law.

NM State Statute 17-2A-3 

NMDGF Regulations Title 19, Chapter 30, Part 8

Outfitter/Guide License Revocation Statute

It is permissible for a landowner to authorize an "agent" to conduct hunts without an official NMDGF Outfitter License on his or her private property. PLEASE NOTE: As is the requirement of all public land management agencies, an outfitter MUST have a NMDGF Outfitter License in order to conduct hunts on public land. Click HERE for a list of all NMDGF licensed hunting OUTFITTERS (Updated 3/24/16).

It is unlawful for a NM Outfitter to hire a hunting guide who is does not posses an official NMDGF Guide License. To become a hunting guide an individual must fill out the NMDGF Guide Application and pass an exam administered by the NM Dept. of Game and Fish. A licensed NM hunting guide must be employed by a licensed NM hunting outfitter in order to conduct hunts. Outfitters are also encouraged to require their guides to obtain first aid and CPR training. Click HERE for a list of all NMDGF licensed hunting GUIDES (Updated 3/11/16)

Guide and Outfitter FAQs